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High On Love - Patty Loveless

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karaoke music down-loads MP3 songs and music tracks pop, rock, country music, instrumental versions and with vocals

karaoke songs to download

download karaoke

karaoke, sometimes spelled kareoke, MP3 music down-loadable backing tracks

Download karaoke songs from karaoke downloads sites, pop, rock, country music. You really don't have to be a serious vocalist for the karaoke downloads at these sites, lots of down-loadable backing tracks. If you just want to sing for fun, then these sites have lots of music for you. Soul, gospel, pop, rock, country.Pop/Rock Jazz
Karaoke Version A very popular and high quality source of online backing tracks in several formats:
  • An instrumental version
  • Instrumental version with backing vocals
  • A lead vocals version, so you can hear how to sing the song
  • Custom backing tracks for playalong. Great feature for practising playing guitar, bass, drums, keyboard etc along with the track.
Song Galaxy Backing Tracks A great selection of professional quality backing tracks:
  • MP3 studio recordings with backing vocals and real instruments
  • Studio recordings with each vocal/instrument on a seperate track
  • Audio recordings of midifiles. You can change song key and remove instruments
  • Create MP3 files from your midi files.
Karaoke Music CDG Discs Karaoke music on CDG discs for karaoke player machines.Pop/Rock Jazz
Beatles karaoke music
The Freeport Factory
Beatles Karaoke tracks from The Freeport Factory. Karaoke music, Beatles fans, grab some some friends and start singing. You'll have lots of fun singing with music that sounds very close to the "Original recordings"! Pop/Rock
Standards Trax Alan McPike is a superb accompanist who has now made his musical talents available on his new web site. Alan has recorded many jazz standards downloadable backing tracks in typical male and female keys. The arrangements are rich and tasteful and show a great empathy for vocalists. There's more than 100 free demos. A custom service is also available. When you purchase a STANDARDSTRAX song, you are actually purchasing a license for performances. Jazz
LondonArrangements London Arrangements Browse and purchase hard-to-find backing tracks online in any key. If we don't already have it in our catalogue, we can produce it for you! We also produce bespoke sheet music arrangements.
Jeff Daniels
Professional Backing Tracks
Jeff Daniels Professionally produced backing tracks. Available on CD/mini disc, mp3, choice of keys, live guitar, Free lyrics,Huge discounts, NO FADE OUT endings,MCPS Licensed.  Pop/Rock
Professional Backing Tracks
Professionally created Backing Tracks for singers. (Karaoke without the graphics!) Well known song selections. Immediate MP3 or by mail order on Audio CD/minidisc. Lyrics free with order. No backing vocals or fadeout endings.
Musical Backing Tracks Professional Quality Musical Backing Tracks. Here you can purchase tracks from our ready made Catalogue or have them Custom Made by us.
Professional Backing Tracks
Professional Backing Tracks - Custom Produced To Your Own Requirements. Classical/Opera Jazz Pop/Rock
Jamey Aebersold Playalongs Jamey Aebersold is famous worldwide for his excellent and growing collection of playalong jazz books. Jamey is also a superb jazz music educator. He has kindly made his Jazz Handbook available free at; Jamey Aebersold's FREE Jazz Handbook  Jazz
SmartMusic Coda Music, the authors of the widely known Finale music score software now bring us SmartMusic - a fun and educational tool. SmartMusic turns your PC in to an intelligent accompanist that listens to your singing or instrument and follows you as you practice! There's more than 20,000 accompaniments to choose from with many classical and jazz pieces. Vocalist.org webmaster has been test-driving the software and is very impressed so far. He quickly found Deh Vieni Alla Finestra ( Mozart ), Widmung ( Schumann ) and Whither Must I Wander ( V. Williams ). These are much more than simple karaoke - the intelligent accompaniment can be switched on and off - backings typically come preconfigured to follow the vocalist/musician during ritard bars and follow the score more in other bars. SmartMusic is a great practice tool. The quality of the recordings is not intended to be as high as the STANDARDSTRAX ( above ).Classical/Opera Jazz Pop/Rock

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