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Classical Singers in New York
Name: Claudia Friedlander, soprano URL:
Spinto soprano available for opera, concert, oratorio and chamber music performances. Demos available on my web site.
City: New York ZIP:  10023 Email:  Phone:  212-258-3709
Name: Lázaro Calderón
Puerto Rico native, Lazaro Calderon's roles include the Duke (Rigoletto), Des Grieux (Manon) both with NYLOT, Rodolfo (Boheme) with the Ischia, Italy Opera Festival, as well as Don Ottavio (Don Giovanni), and Alfred (Die Fledermaus) with the University of Memphis Other roles in his repertoire include Ruggero in La Rondine with Sarasota Opera and Don Luis de Haro in the Premiere in Puerto Rico of the Zarzuela El Barberillo de Lavapies. During the 2007 season Calderon was a member of the studio artist of Sarasota Opera.
Notable conductors include Victor DeRenzi, Enrique Patron de Rueda, Steven Crawford and Willie Anthony Waters. Mr. Calderon has worked with directors such as Tito Capobianco, Anthony Laciura and Michael Scarola. Calderon won the prize for Best Italian Aria at the Puerto Rico District Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. Calderon Upcoming performances for 2010 include Opera in the Heights Zarzuela and Boleros concert series. Calderon holds a MM in Opera Performance from the University of Memphis.
City: New York ZIP:  10032 Email:  Phone:  7875870072
Name: Scott P. Elliott
Operatic Bass-Baritone with Professional Operatic, Oratorio, Chorus, and Chamber music experience.
City: Brooklyn ZIP:  11232 Email:  Phone:  703-927-2090
Name: Ian Geller
Ian Geller, baritone, composer, conductor, voice teacher, vocal coach, master classes, singer, opera, oratorio, concert, recital programs, recordings, CD, Lieder, art songs, Jewish Cantor, liturgical, folk music, star, writer, producer: CHELM!, one-man musical comedy.
City: New York ZIP:  10471 Email:  Phone:  (718) 884-4510
Name: Kjersti Kveli - Soprano (contemporary and barroque)
Kveli is an educated and well renomed soprano, a voice of all trades - with a strong artistic energy and creativity. She holds a master degree in Contemporary Music, and is especially fond of borderline expressions, between different genres, sounds and styles. Watch her online for an example of this. She teaches holistic voice development, and runs her band, ensemble, 2 duos and solo projects from her base in New York City. Contact for further questions.
City: New York ZIP:  10030 Email:  Phone:  6462445356
Name: Lori Larson
As a professional singer Lori provides services to better the community and environment and dispel any myths about classical music and opera and declare that it is for everyone, cool and fun! As a clinician she encourages one's musical, technical, and performance skills of the vocal art.
City: Fayetteville ZIP:  13066 Email:  Phone:  315-345-6656
Name: Martin G. Matsil
I am a tenor.
City: Brooklyn ZIP:  11223 Email:  Phone:  718-891-0073
Name: Joy-Denise Moore
Available for Weddings, Church Services, Banquets, Musical Theatre, Opera, Funerals, etc.
City: New York ZIP:  10031 Email:  Phone:  212-234-5893
Name: Roberta Prada
Classical singer, Contralto, and Tomatis practitioner.
City: New York ZIP:  10016 Email:  Phone:  212 684 5485
Name: Danielle Walker
I am a classically trained soprano who just moved here from Los Angeles where I completed my two-year tenure as a Young Artist. Prior to Los Angeles, I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. I have plenty of church choir section leader experience, pedagogy/teaching training,and operatic performance and am currently available for hire in NYC.
City: New York Email:  Phone:  757-335-0816

Vocal Academies in New York
Name: Singers Forum URL:
New York City's only vocal academy offering both group classes and private lessons, as well as scholarships for at-risk youth and community outreach performances for seniors.
City: New York ZIP:  10010 Email:  Phone:  212-366-0541

Vocal Festival Training Program in New York
Name: Resonanz Albany Singer Intensive Festival URL:
Resonanz is an unique program that will have its inaugural season this summer. We seek gifted singers who wish to improve their technique, holistic connection, and performance and audition skills. In addition to working with exceptional faculty from such prestigious organizations as the Metropolitan Opera, Los Angeles Opera, and Houston Grand Opera, singers will be able to explore the grounding and inspiring power of the mind and body connection with instructors certified in meditation, Yoga, and Feldenkrais. The experience will include a trip to Glimmerglass opera which will give participants the opportunity to attend a production, meet the Glimmerglass Young Artists and have a private tour of the facilities. We will also be partnering with Lake George Opera to produce A Stranger's Tale by Curtis Tucker. Come and find yourself ensconced in an atmosphere of serious work, master classes, meditation, and supportive growth.
City: Glenmont ZIP:  12077-0575 Email:  Phone:  917-974-0258

Jazz Singers in New York
Name: Ashley Gonzalez URL:
I offer vocal instruction in jazz and contemporary music (i.e. popular music, musical theatre). In addition to offering vocal technique, I teach jazz styles & repertoire, songwriting, arranging, chart preparation, musicianship & beginning piano.
City: New York ZIP:  10001 Email:  Phone:  202-276-3388
Name: Elisabeth Lohninger URL:
Elisabeth Lohninger is a jazz vocalist and voice teacher. Bringing out the student's unique voice and teaching how to sing effortlessly are her main goals in working with a student. Elisabeth Lohninger is a faculty member at the New School Jazz Department.
City: New York ZIP:  10002 Email:  Phone:  212-353-8039
Name: Fay Victor
Opening up the voice to all its possibilities through understanding & listening to the needs of the individual student. Over 10 years of vocal instruction with more than 150 satisfied students.
City: Brooklyn ZIP:  11216 Email:  Phone:  917 753 1686
Name: Patricia Giurleo
City: New York ZIP:  10040 Email:  Phone:  212-544-2305
Name: Jazz Improvisation Lessons
I am an experienced teacher offering private lessons in jazz improvisation, instrumentalist and vocalist. I make each student feel special, valued, and encouraged. My success rate speaks for itself. Professional Trumpet and Piano Player whose played and taught professionally for over 40 years
Taught both in public and private teaching
Have Taught students from elementary levels through college levels
Performed with following musicians: Barry Harris, Jaki Byard, Walter Bishop Jr., Jimmy Heath, Slide Hampton, Tito Puente, Machito, Larry Harlow, Maurice Hines, Leslie Uggams, Rita Moreno, Bobby Rydell and Donald Byrd.
I look forward to hearing from you.
City: New York ZIP:  10009 Email: 
Name: Dori Levine
Dori Levine has been performing in clubs and concert settings in and around New York City and abroad for a couple of decades. Her personal improvisational style lends itself to an astonishing range of material. Dori demonstrates impressive ease and freedom whether interpreting standards, singin' the blues or spontaneously creating her own "other worldly" free improvisations. She has achieved recognition for her daring abondon into the art of scat singing and has developed her own distinctive voice in this fascinating arena.
City: New York ZIP:  10013 Email:  Phone:  212-964-0852
Name: Tom Smith Big Band
"Tom Smith...the Sinatra Singer...sounds eerily like the original." Bryan Miller, New York Times
City: Bellmore ZIP:  11710 Email:  Phone:  1-516-783-7700

Rehearsal Spaces in New York
Name: NYC Music Places URL:
NYC Music Places is a free online database of rehearsal & performance spaces in New York City. Search our listings for FREE to find spaces with the rental rate, location and amenities to fit your needs & budget. Vocalists save valuable time and money by using NYC Music Places.
City: New York ZIP:  10010 Email:  Phone:  212-886-2503

Name: Alto Female Vocals needed
My band, FLAT EARTH SOCIETY, is a 10 piece R+B/Soul band in practice at the moment.
We will be out playing very nice affairs and venues within 3 months but we just suffered a setback and lost our alto backup singer.
We are looking for another alto female with a strong soul voice (think Aretha, Janis, Chaka or Etta) who lives on Long Island and can harmonize well with our soprano.
City: Long Island ZIP:  11749 Email: 
Name: Face the Music - teenage ensemble
Audition opportunity for high school female singers to perform Reich's Tehilli.
City: Forest Hills ZIP:  11375 Email:  Phone:  212 501 3393
Name: WeDoUs7
We are in the process of forming a Female R&B Trio and are currently auditioning Female R&B Vocalists between the ages of 17 & 21 who must be able to sing, dance and travel.
City: New York ZIP:  10037 Email:  Phone:  917-679-6237

Alexander Technique in New York
Name: Michael Hanko URL:
Learn to maintain full command of your body with the Alexander Technique. Overcome whatever is interfering with your artistic potential and learn to give your very best performance or audition EVERY TIME.
City: New York ZIP:  10011 Email:  Phone:  917.239.0863
Name: The Alexander Technique - Westchester County, New York and Southern Connecticut URL:
I bring a first-hand understanding of the demands of the rehearsal and performance process. I realize how long hours of practice, done incorrectly can cause injury and shorten one s career. I am experienced in teaching people how to sing and move more efficiently, with greater freedom and fuller expression. I help performers of all kinds to improve vocal and movement problems, reduce stage fright and improve stage presence with the goal of helping them reach their fullest potential.
City: Mamaroneck ZIP:  10543 Phone:  (914) 698-1036 Email: 
Name: Alicia Briceland URL:
I am a classically-trained dramatic soprano, voice teacher and a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique with a passion for helping singers discover their true voices! My teaching is based on the Swedish-Italian Technique and I provide a supportive, positive atmosphere that allows you to learn a healthy technique, develop your voice to its maximum potential and reach your desired goals. I have teaching studios both in New York, NY (Manhattan) and Bloomfield, NJ.
Often classical singers are held back from reaching their true potential. Many singers study, practice and have their techniques progress to a certain extent, only to hit a plateau and not be able to improve any further. Other singers work hard to gain a good technique, but are then told that their voices lack the necessary polish for a professional career. Larger-voiced singers often have difficulty finding teachers to help them open their voices completely. Some singers audition sucessfully and start performance careers, but develop vocal problems and consequently feel insecure about their techniques. These situations are all extremely frustrating, forcing singers to go from studio to studio in search of a teacher with an answer.
There are several crucial ways in which the vocal folds have to function in order to reach the highest level of professional sound possible for each unique voice. They are utilizing the thin edge function of the vocal folds, correct nasal resonance (or ring) through the small "ng" thread, and the correct approximation of the vocal folds through gentle cord closure. These need to be integrated into the technique while having a relaxed, lowered larynx, an open oro-pharngeal space and appropriate low-body support. The vast majority of teachers do not address these functions, because they are either not aware of them or they lack the right tools. However, these functions are absolutely necessary for a healthy technique and for singers to be able to reach their maximum potential.
I address these functions very directly with students using specific exercises inherited from great pedagogues of the past like Manuel Garcia II, Dr. Gillis Brat, Alan Lindquest, William Vennard and my own voice teacher, the magnificent David Jones. I guide singers to use the exercises correctly to develop these healthy functions in their own voices, as well as all of the other necessary functions like abdominal, lumbar and sternal support (apoggio), throat expansion, high, relaxed soft palate and oro-pharngeal expansion, a free tongue and jaw, and rounded vowels. The results are often remarkable. My students experience greater freedom, ease of production, resonance, focus, chiaroscuro (light-dark coloration), natural vibrato, flexibility, spin and beauty of tone.
These functions are of the utmost importance for classical singers, but are also very necessary for musical theatre, jazz and pop singers. The Swedish-Italian Technique can easily be applied to any musical genre. In these competitive times, everyone needs to find an edge. Having an optimal vocal technique can provide that edge. Such a healthy technique allows for more ease of production, vocal stamina, resonance and a consistent, blended sound that matches throughout the range.
A singer's instrument is not only the voice, but also the body. Singers alone as musicians have no external instrument, making how singers use their bodies even more critical. As a certified Alexander Technique teacher, I understand how the body works mechanically as a whole and how the parts affect each other. With hands-on input, I am able to give my students the direct experience of spending less effort when singing, allowing for more ease and openness in the body and thereby improving the quality of the sound. Over time, this ease becomes gradually incorporated into the singers' good habits for singing.
Some singers prefer a fast track and take supplimentary private Alexander Technique lessons, in addition to voice lessons. I currently offer these in my studio in Bloomfield, NJ. In a lesson, I offer the student a new experience of freedom and openness in the body through hands-on input. Most students feel a radical difference in their bodies before and after a lesson. After enough experience, these positive changes can then be induced by the student whenever needed in daily life, including while singing.
I currently have openings in both my New Jersey and New York City studios. Please contact me at or at 917 702-6657 to discuss your vocal journey and set up a first lesson!
City: Bloomfield ZIP:  07003 Email: Phone:  917 702-6657
Learn to identify and change the subtle habits that interfere with your vocal production and performance. Find a balance between a relaxed body and active singing.
City: New York ZIP:  10011 Phone:  347-665-8858 Email: 
Name: Jennifer Grove
Free your inner voice, relief from aches and pains or perfect your performance skill. However you arrive, you gain a skill for life with the Alexander Technique.
City: New York ZIP:  10012 Email:  Phone:  9177032057
Name: Of the Air Studios - Alexander Technique
Of The Air Studios is a practice offering individual and group classes in the Alexander Technique, singing and songwriting. The Alexander Technique is a mind and body re-education method perfectly suited for modern day lifestyles. This Technique helps students to find a seamless flow of movement and energy while negotiating daily responsibilities, compromised environmental conditions and other life stresses.
City: Brooklyn ZIP:  11238 Email: 
Name: Michael Veilleux, C.A.T., M.AmSAT
Do you experience (or have been told you have) excess tension, poor posture, breathing issues, or stage fright while performing? The Alexander Technique can help you learn to undo unnecessary tension and strip away unwanted habits that interfere with vocal and bodily freedom while performing. Many famous celebrities study the Alexander Technique to improve the quality of their performance. I am a nationally board-certified Alexander teacher with extensive training in voice, dance and acting. I am experienced in working with all types of performers (singers, actors, dancers, musicians, etc.) Come take a series of lessons and bring the quality of your performance to a higher level.
City: New York City ZIP:  10036 Email:  michael.veilleux
Phone:  212-265-4763

Recording Studios in New York
Name: Live Sound Studios
Live Sound Studios works in a variety of venues that offer great accoustics for the recording of operatic voice and classical music. 
Got your own venue? Great! Live Sound Studios will travel anywhere in the US to record your performance - audio and/or video.
Record your next:
- Album
- Concert DVD or audio CD
- Demo DVD or audio CD
Our experienced professional videographers capture your performance(s) with pro-quality video cameras.
Classicly trained sound engineers capture your audio with state of the art microphones and techniques.
The result is an audio CD that captures you the way you always wanted or video DVD again, with the same superb sound quality that will make you stand out from the rest. Affordable prices for performing artists.
City: New York ZIP:  10001 Email:  Phone:  917 838 1489

Professional Vocalists in New York
Name: Lynn Starr - cabaret, blues singer URL:
A performer who has gone from the corporate world to the world of Cabaret...
City: Kiamesha Lake ZIP:  12751 Email: 
Name: Elana Beverly
Accomplished singer and performing artist in the areas of popular and classical music. Languages: French, English and German. Site listing soon to come. Available for Studio/Club and Concert work.
City: New York Email: 
Name: Marissa Katz
I am a Private Singing Teacher in the Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn areas. I am a graduate of Boston Univerity's Music Program with a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance. I am also available to sing at special events. Please contact me at for further information.
City: Manhattan NYC ZIP:  10036 Email: 

Singer/Songwriters in New York
Name: Dawn Marie Chmiel URL:
Christian Catholic soprano soloist and recording artist available for benefit concerts, weddings, funerals and all special events.
Looking for new opportunities to share in Christian Catholic music.
City: Webster ZIP:  14580 Email:  Phone:  585-787-2009
Name: Paul Ammendola
Singer Songwriter Piano based Rock artist. Spiritual lyrics.
City: Malverne ZIP:  11565 Email:  Phone:  516-887-4614
Name: AnnaT (An-nat)
A Very unique, professional,Israeli female singer is available for hire, has a lot of experience in the studio and on stage, can sing in any language, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Portuguese etc. powerful voice and presence, full of passion, one of a kind, for any vox need, any project, middle eastern voice trills, house music, any genre!
City: Astoria ZIP:  11106 Email:  Phone:  9176227438
Name: Mark B.
Lead and background vocals and also songwriter, composer/arranger for production of music.
City: Brooklyn ZIP:  11202 Email:  Phone:  1-718-614-4052
Name: Darius - Songwriting Teacher
Are you a talented singer but just have a hard time writing? Well this is where I come in. I am a songwriting instructor who's curriculum will help you make the process of songwriting bearable. My curriculum consist of: Developing ideas for songs Learning the Structure of Song Hearing melodies w/ instrumentals Hearing melodies w/o instrumentals Vocal arrangement of a song Experimenting with harmonies and most importantly MAKING THE SONG YOUR OWN.
I specialize specifically in pop, and r&b. If you do acoustic music I could help you out with that as well.
Rate: 40/hr(cash only)and must book 5 days in advance. And Lesson must be cancelled 24hrs in advance. I will be offering lessons in manhattan on sat & sun from 12-4. If you are interested contact the email address below and we can set up an appointment.Thanks!
City: Manhattan ZIP:  10010 Email: 
Name: Dana Halevy
I am a singer/songwriter looking to sing in a bar/club/restaurant. I sing Jazz, folk, bossa nova and more.
City: New York ZIP:  10001 Email:  Phone:  212 734 8787
Name: Ann Mitchell
Ann Mitchell is a professional musician/vocalist with over 20 years experience in various vocal music venues. She is a dynamic performer who always strives to captivate an audience. Ann is also a producer of many innovative programs. Her style is very energetic and enthusiastic which has inspired individuals to realize their creative potential. Ms. Mitchell is organized and is capable of working/communicating with groups of all levels.
City: Spencerport ZIP:  14459 Email: 
Name: Na'Ti
A Very unique, professional,Israeli female singer is available for hire, has a lot of experience in the studio and on stage, can sing in any language, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Portuguese etc. powerful voice and presence, full of passion, one of a kind, for any vox need, any project, middle eastern voice trills, house music, any genre!
City: New York ZIP:  11230 Email:  Phone:  9176227438
Name: Marquis Reeves
I am an up N coming R&B artist I also do hip hop best of both worlds just tryna widen my range in singing and I am ready to learn. I'm lookin for a coach who is very motivated and I am working with a budget please nothing over 60$.
City: New York ZIP:  10030 Email:  Phone:  212-283-0080
Name: Sam ShivRaj
Pop/Rock/Blues/New wave singer.
City: New York ZIP:  11354 Email:  Phone:  917-561-2221

Producer/Arrangers in New York
Name: An Online Music Producer/Arranger
Producer/Arranger/Mix Engineer Dave Hab will help turn your songs into finished recordings via the Internet.
While almost anyone can create music on their home computer, dreams of success often end in the frustrating realization that their songs don't sound as good as those on the radio or store-bought CD's. It's time to call in a professional, and thanks to the Internet, help is only a few mouse clicks away.
For more information, go to
City: New York

Recording Engineers in New York
Name: All Music Produktions
International Recording engineer(US and Europe)will record your recital or produce your demo/audition CD. Professional studio pianist and musical coach available. Pro Tools , Reason, NI Essentials. We will create the CD you need and interface with production companies. Special rates for students.
City: New York ZIP:  10019 Email:  Phone:  12124897649

Accompanists in New York
Name: EM Studio for Vocal Arts URL:
Specializing in Musical Theatre performance for Actors, Singers, and Dancers Chas offers a variety of music services to performers of all ages and levels of experience. For over 25 years he has helped actors, singers, and dancers reach their peak performance level. Chas' approach to preparing and performing music serves the needs of both the experienced professional and the complete beginner. He guides performers in discovering individual and honest interpretations of musical material. Chas prepares performers for auditions, classes, and performances. His clients have appeared on Broadway, Off Broadway, on national and international tours, and in many regional theatres.
City: New York ZIP:  10025 Email: Phone:  917-400-1612
Name: Dan Gaynor URL:
Versatile accompanist; accompaniment for voice in jazz, musical theater, classical, cabaret, pop, etc., also accompaniment for dance
City: New York ZIP:  10032 Email:  Phone:  (718) 564-4437
Name: Tyson Deaton URL:
Available for all coaching & accompanying needs: audition and role preparation, language/diction coaching, recitals (and other performances), recordings, musical direction, etc. Flexible and dependable, positive approach.
City: New York ZIP:  10024 Email:  Phone:  618-534-2863
Name: Kevin Francis Finn URL:
Vocal coach/Audition accompanist
City: New York ZIP:  13459-3139 Email:  Phone:  518-284-3959
Name: Tor Kjosnes URL:
Accompanist for high level classical performance. Auditions, recitals, rehearsals, coachings etc. Ideal for opera, lieder and oratorio repertoire.
"Tor is more than an accompanist. He always brings his superb sense of interpretation for music to every rehearsal, and I am left with no other choice but to pay close attention to what he has to say through his playing, and learn from it. He's that good." D.H. - tenor, NYC
City: New York ZIP:  10030 Email:  Phone:  6462443895
Name: Andrew Byrne
I am a voice teacher/vocal coach in New York City who specializes in musical theater technique and repertoire. One of my favorite populations to work with is classical singers who are making the transition into crossover repertoire.
City: New York ZIP:  10034 Email:  Phone:  212-942-9605
Name: Leesa Dahl
Fabulous, dependable, fun and versatile new pianist/coach in Manhattan. Formerly employed by San Francisco Opera, and a veteran of the Merola Opera Program. Well-versed in the difficult-to-play rep, gifted recitalist and ensemble partner. Rave reviews from all my singers!
City: New York ZIP:  10023 Email:  Phone:  415-305-8800
Name: Steven McGhee
Vocal coach/accompanist with extensive experience with operatic, musical theater and art song repertoire.
City: New York ZIP:  10040 Email:  Phone:  734-678-4647
Name: Thomas McGinnis
Excellent, gifted pianist/accompanist. Conservatory trained. Classical, opera and musical theater. Available for day, evening, weekend rehearsals and to accompany coachings, lessons, auditions.Currently playing for top singers, teachers. Recommended by top NYC accompanists/coaches. Very easy to work with and very musical! Convenient Upper West Side Studio. Rehearse your recital, new audition rep., new role, etc.
City: New York Email:  Phone:  646-379-1893
Name: Stephanie Safko
Accompanist and Vocal Coach: specializing in opera, musical theater, and art song (also other genres) Available to accompany/coach in Manhattan and North Jersey
City: New York ZIP:  10019 Email:  Phone:  570-881-3723
Name: Shoshana Seid-Green
Available for all accompaniment needs. I have extensive musical theatre accompaniment experience, and can help with your audition, voice lessons, or performance.
City: New York Email:  Phone:  650-759-7713
Name: William Hall
Looking for a 16 bar cut for that audition? A taping for that call back? Just want to improve your book and run over some new stuff?
William Hall has over 12 years musical training and experience and offers musical theater coaching services:
One hour taping/rehearsal: $40 ($5 off for Union members) + studio fee. Transpositions/Editing: $10 for first page $5 per page after that. Affordable and quality service with a smile! E-Mail today for a quality accompanist and coach.
City: New York Email: 
Name: Denise Ivanoff
Vocal accompanist, also a skilled vocal coach, particulalry in operatic repertoire. I am very accessible to Manhattan and will also travel anywhere in Manhattan south of 96th Street.
City: Brooklyn ZIP:  11231 Email:  Phone:  718-596-3654
Name: Kate
Experienced accompanist with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance. Professional rehearsal and performance experience with vocal/instrumental soloists, musical theater productions/performers, and choirs.
City: New York ZIP:  10027 Email:  Phone:  845.807.2500
Name: Stephen Purdy
Need an Broadway Professional accompanist to work with and/or your audition/callback music recorded? I can do it quickly, accurately and economically. I can collaborate with you "live" or you can even email/fax me your music and I can record it and email it back to you in a file easily read by all computers (or if you are in Manhattan-Midtown-you can pick it up on CD). I am always on call!
City: New York ZIP: 10036 Email:  Phone:  646-361-5402 (Cell)
Name: Jocelyn Swigger
I am a supportive, experienced accompanist and vocal coach working in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I specialize in new music, musical theatre, art song, and opera. Available for lessons, performances, and auditions.
City: New York ZIP:  11238 Email:  Phone:  917/589-6851
Name: Kirstin Tarquini
I am currently studying at the Manhattan School of Music, and am available to accompany lessons and classes anywhere in New York City. I have experience with both classical and musical theater repertoire.
City: New York Email:  Phone:  484-680-6306
Name: Chris Tilley
I am an accompanist and vocal coach with 15 years experience. I am familiar with most standard classical and music theatre repertoire.
City: New York Zip: 11102 Email:  Phone:  336-209-4141

Arts Schools in New York
Name: Lucy Moses School at Kaufman Center
The Lucy Moses School is one of the country?s largest community arts schools. Serving nearly 3,000 students each year at the Goodman House and thousands more in the community, the School offers a broad range of music, dance and theater courses for adults and young people from 18 months on!
City: New York ZIP:  10023 Email:  Phone:  212-501-3360

Professional Opera Companies in New York
Name: Riverside Opera
Manhattan based opera company dedicated to developing emerging artists. Riverside Opera Ensemble , a Manhattan based company, will be twenty years old this spring. News regarding the celebration will be forthcoming and is currently available on the company's website. This company was founded in 1984 by Nathan Matthews and is co-directed by Metropolitan Opera director, Stephen Pickover. This New York County company operates soley in Manhattan and has and has had no ties to any company that has adopted a similar and possibly confusing name.
City: New York ZIP:  10022 Email: 
Name: The Yard
The Yard Arts Opera
Wendy Taucher- Artistic Director, The Yard, Martha s Vineyard & NYC
The Yard is casting for its summer, Yard Arts Opera production of Dido & Aeneas; directed and choreographed by Wendy Taucher, and conducted by Elizabeth Scott. Performances will be in August on Martha's Vineyard, with rehearsals in New York City, June- July. All roles are at this time open, with an opportunity for selected principles and chorus to be featured in the program s Kings, Queens and Witches themed second half. Travel and accommodations will be provided to performers, including a stipend.
City: New York Email: 

Choirs in New York
Name: Florilegium Chamber Choir
Chamber Choir looking to recruit new members.
City: New York Email: 
Name: Vlada Tomova/Yasna Voices
World music vocalist and voice artist, session singer; founder and leader of Yasna Voices, Bulgarian women's choir, based in New York City.
City: New York ZIP:  11205 Email:  contact @ Phone:  (347) 495 3525
Name: Angel Vargas
Am in search of a vocal teacher/ coach for a small choir. We are in search for a Voice/vocal teacher who can work with our choir. Teach us to impove overall singing and harmony.
City: Freeport ZIP:  11520 Email:  Phone:  5165576066

Independent Music Labels in New York
Name: FutureMusic
FutureMusic is an independent record label in NYC that accepts demos from Vocalists for use in our releases, commercials, music beds, movies and television.
City: New York ZIP:  10023 Email: 
Name: Wisdom Entertainment
Independent Music Label with heavy industry contacts seeking singers for R&B and Teen Groups.
City: New York ZIP:  10150 Email:  Phone:  212-591-1454

Laryngologists in New York
Name: Michael Pitman, MD
I am a Laryngologist trained at the internationally renowned Vanderbilt Voice Center. I diagnose and treat patients with voice disorders. Disorders may range from chronic laryngitis to vocal fold polyps and cysts. Likewise, treatment may entail conservative vocal therapy or precise microsurgery of the vocal fold.
City: Mt. Kisco ZIP:  10549 Phone:  914-241-0865
Name: Dr. Craig Zalvan - Voice Doctor
I am a fellowship trained Laryngologist specializing in Professional Voice and other disorders of the voice box. I offer medical diagnosis and treatment to professional singers, speakers, and others who rely on their voices.
City: Ardsley, Westchester County ZIP:  10502 Email:  Phone:  914-693-7636

Music VHS and DVD (Opera, Jazz, Classical)
Name: Arkadia Records/View Video
Award-winning producer of Jazz, Opera, Cabaret, Classical and other performing arts video and DVD.
City: New York ZIP:  10010 Email:  Phone:  212-674-5550

Vocal Competitions in New York
Name: Chinese International Vocal Competition
NTD Television 5th Chinese International Vocal Competition:
The year 2011 marks the fifth anniversary of NTD Television Chinese International Vocal Competition. The final round will be held at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City. Top winners and selected winning contestants of the previous competition will perform at the following Rising Star Recital. This Bel Cantol style competition has bridged nearly 400 top Chinese vocalists from 23 countries and regions in five continents to a world stage.
City:  New York Zip:  10001 Email:  Phone:  1-646-736-2988
Name: International Music Talent Competition
The American Protégé International Music Talent Competition 2011 is open to instrumentalists, vocalists and traditional folk and jazz groups of all nationalities and countries. We invite talented performers of any age and genre to participate in the Competition. First Place Winners will perform on Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 1:30 PM at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Second Place winners will perform at other New York City venues.
City:  New York Zip:  10128 Email:  Phone:  212-534-6712
Name: Orange County Talent Search
I am looking for voice coached to volunteer approximately (2) 1 hour time slots based around your schedule. In return my organization will purchase lessons from you for our Winners. This is a great cause and is an excellent opportunity to advertise your services.
City: Orange County ZIP:  10926 Email:  Phone:  845-662-1809

Acting for Singers/Master Classes in New York
Name: Sherry Zannoth
Internationally acclaimed soprano-opera,oratorio, recital, cabaret act -Have taught my entire career - supportive, positive atmosphere for learning how to sing with technique that brings out the beauty of your voice - not a 'method' imposed on it always fueled by the desire to communicate!
City: New York ZIP:  10017 Email:  Phone:  212-973-0208

Music Agents in New York
Name: Dr. V. Conejero
TACC presents workshops for opera singers and conductors as well as guest performing and conducting opportunities in various countries.
City: Flushing ZIP:  11354 Email:  Phone:  1(718) 445-5923

Conference for Singers in New York
Name: The Singer Symposium
Comprehensive educational conference for singers of all styles and levels
Welcome to The Singer Symposium
Saturday, October 25, 2008 9am -7pm
Holiday Inn Midtown 57th St., New York, NY
The Singer Symposium is a comprehensive educational conference for singers of all styles and levels. Whether you are a voice teacher, looking to explore unfamiliar genre that your students are asking about, a busy professional or aspiring professional singer wanting to add dimensions to your career, you are sure to find answers at this one day event.
The Singer Symposium is a specialized conference, dedicated to the artistry of singing. It is organized and presented BY singers FOR singers. You will meet and learn from professionals, as well as experts who will share with you the practical knowledge that has made them successful.
Learn, laugh, network, celebrate, enjoy and explore singing from every angle with New York City singers who actually MAKE THEIR LIVING SINGING.
The Singer Symposium - the art, the science, the business of singing.
City: New York ZIP:  10019 Email:  Phone:  (800) 356-1188

Music Schools & Colleges in New York
Name: Music School Inc URL:
Music School Inc is the premier private lesson music company, which offers both In-Home and In-Studio lessons! We also provide group lessons, NYSSMA Prep., Pre-K programs, and more!
Our staff of dedicated professional musicians work diligently to make sure that each lesson is highly educational and fun! We can provide lessons for all instruments, ages, levels, and genres.
City: Long Island ZIP:  11701 Email:  Phone:  631-656-0373
Name: Bridge To Music, Music School Guide URL:
If you're looking for a school, festival or workshop, this is the right place. Our easy to use music school listings allow you to view, compare, then make the best choice. FIND THE MUSIC PROGRAM YOU'RE LOOKING FOR! Search our extensive listing of over 2,000 music schools, festivals and workshops. Browse through our Featured school listing to find the countries top programs. Request Information directly from the program to receive more details and to apply.
City: New York ZIP:  10007 Email:  Phone:  646-454-0150

Stand up Comedy Class in New York
Name: Emmy Rivera
Expand your range, and show them your versatility!!! I highly recommend this Stand up Comedy class offered through Broadway Comedy Club and taught by the brilliant Frank Vignola. I've been working with Frank for a over year and have recently been passed to do spots at both Broadway and New York Comedy Clubs.. Frank was one of my favorite comics before I knew he taught a class. His class was a pleasure and a lot of hard work. He made me push myself where I needed it and I'm a better comic for it.
Standup Comedy Class
New to comedy? Got writer's block? Trying to find a friendly and supportive environment in which to practice, perform or hone your craft? This 4 week workshop introduces you to all aspects of standup comedy including to the do and don'ts of starting out and inside secrets of the business. Have fun, build your confidence and become funnier both on and off stage.
Classes meet on Sunday afternoons from 2:00 to 5:00
workshop includes:
  • 4 classes.
  • 5 min's of new material
  • A Graduation Show at Broadway Comedy Club at the end of the class.
  • A DVD of your Graduation Show performance.
Cost: $200 About Frank Vignola:
Frank Vignola is known amongst his peers as a comic s comic. His sharp and intelligent take on the issues makes an impression on even the most jaded veterans who often linger in the back of the house just to see what he might say next.
Besides television appearances on Comedy Central, NBC and the BBC (London), Mr. Vignola has also appeared at Just for Laughs (the Montreal Comedy Festival) with Bill Maher and toured with Armed Forces Entertainment (the USO) performing for our troops in Afghanistan. And his one man show God and Science will be produced in a limited theatrical run in 2009.
City: NYC Email:  Phone:  212-757-2323

Jazz Vocal Workshops in New York
Name: University of the Streets
FRIDAY and SATURDAY at 11:30 pm
Open Jazz Jam Session. All levels, all instruments, vocalists welcome. Generally, once we get going, if you know the songs, you can play on any of them (except of course for bass, drums, and piano, who trade off). $5 admission.
THURSDAY at 8:30 pm
Jazz Vocal Workshop. Vocalists, bring at least two copies of sheet music for your songs, and know your key. Perform with a professional jazz rhythm section (piano, bass, and drums) and get valuable feedback and advice on your performance. $5 per song.
The University of the Streets
130 E 7th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10009
City: NYC ZIP: 10009 Email:  Phone:  212-254-9300

Songwriting Theory in New York
Name: Steven Himmelstein
Theory/Songwriting lessons, Guitar and Bass lessons
City: New York ZIP: 11218 Email:  Phone:  480 5801601