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Singing Teachers in Austria
Name: Susan Dennis Gabriel. Voice Vienna URL:
Breathing correctly is the key to good vocal technique. Therefore my lessons are twofold. Every student receives two lesson units a week, one in a group for bodywork, concentrating on centering, posture, movement and simple breathing gymnastics, and one for solo singing where the principles learned in the group are put into practice vocally, while working on repertoire. Art Song, Early Music, Oratorio ,Opera or Musicals. visit my website for more information!
City:  Vienna Postcode:  1130 Email:  Phone:  00431 877 77 87
Name: Andrew Golder A.R.C.M. URL:
Individuelles Gesangsunterricht und Vocaltraining in Wien.
Vocalcoaching. Stimmbildung. Stimmberatung. Atemtechnik. Gehörbildung. Intonation. Blattlesen. Sprechtraining.
Erfahrener Opern- Konzertbariton (diplomiert am Royal College of Music, London), mit mehr als zwanzig Jahren Erfahrung, unterrichtet professionelle SängerInnen, SprecherInnen und Studierende in Gesangstechnik auf der Grundlage des italienischen 'Bel Canto'.
Das Unterrichtstudio, mit hervorragender Akustik für Stimmbildung und Atemtechnik, befindet sich in: Berggasse, 1090 Wien.
Unterrichtssprachen: Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch.
Stimmbildung für Sänger (Oper, Musical) Schauspieler und Sprecher (SynchronsprecherInnen). Kontakt: oder
Private Singing Lessons and Vocal Training in Vienna.
Vocal Coaching. Vocal Training. Breathing technique. Aural Training. Intonation. Sight-reading. Speech Training.
Experienced opera and concert baritone (Royal College of Music, London graduate) with more than 20 years experience in concert and opera offers coaching in vocal technique which is firmly based on the Italian 'bel canto' school.
The teaching studio, which has excellent acoustics for voice-placing and breathing work is located in: Berggasse, 1090 Vienna.
Teaching Languages: English, German, French.
Vocal training for singers (opera, musical) actors and professional speakers (voice-over artists & voice actors).
Contact: or
City:  Vienna Postcode:  1090 Email: 
Name: Suzanne Preston, Soprano URL:
Singing lessons for children and adults; classical, musical theatre, pop and Gospel styles, for beginning to upper-intermediate levels. Also 'Creative Song' workshops for children as well as specially creative singing lessons for children with speech difficulties. Lessons possible in English and German.
City: Vienna Postcode: 1150 Email: Phone: +43(0)676 950 8403
Name: Antonio Carangelo
Der italienischer Tenor Antonio Carangelo leitet intentive Gesangskurse (Vokaltechnik und Interpretation) in Italien, Österreich und Tschechien. Er selbst studierte bei Mario Del MOnaco und Ettore Campogalliani (selbe Lehrer von Mirella Freni, Pavarotti und viele mehr).
City:  Vienna Postcode:  1030 Email:  Phone:  +4369918833188
Name: Prof.A.Hushi
World class singing expert. Prof.Hushi actually is the Head of Opera Department at Vienna Conservatorium. A former student of legendary Franco Corelli Prof.Hushi is a true master of real Belcanto. Prof.Hushi is teaching at his private studio also students from all over the world. The best siging lessons that you can get in Europe today.
City:  Vienna Postcode:  1030 Email:  Phone:  004319254469 or
0043 6764147374

Choirs in Austria
Name: Multinational Chamber Choir in Austria
Multinational Chamber Choir / Ensemble for individuals to apply for participation in multinational event in Austria. Even for the coming event we may still accept one Tenor application - get in touch via email!
Name: Oktet Suha
8-men vocal group from Austria, singing folk, pop, klassic and spirituals.
Email:  office@oktet-suha