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From:  "John Messmer, M.D." <jjm23@p...>
Date:  Thu Dec 5, 2002  12:59 pm
Subject:  RE: [vocalist] does milk affect your vocal chords

As you say, nothing you swallow touches your vocal folds. If it did,
you would experience laryngospasm and begin coughing. Most of us have
experienced this, perhaps when we swallow too quickly or hiccup as we
swallow or when we learn to swim and accidently get water into our
airways. The epiglottis is supposed to close over the glottis (the
airway opening) to protect the airway when we swallow.

There is an old misconception that milk increases mucus. Different
people experience different effects from milk. Over the years this has
been the subject of much discussion on Vocalist. The bottom line is
some people can eat or drink anything without any effect on their voices
and others can not.


John Messmer, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Family and Community Medicine
Penn State Hershey Medical Center

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> Subject: Re: [vocalist] does milk affect your vocal chords
> Physiologically, milk doesn't actually come in contact with
> your vocal cords. If it did, it would get into your lungs
> and you'd choke (going down the wrong pipe, as they called it
> when I was a kid). So any thickness wouldn't come from it
> actually coating the cords. Dr. Messmer?
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> Subject: [vocalist] does milk affect your vocal chords
> I have been told repeatedly that milk can damage your vocal
> chords. Something
> about coating the chord area and making the chords become
> thicker. Does
> anyone out here know if it is true or not? I would
> appreciate any feedback as
> I was not allowed milk, only soy milk as a child.