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From:  "Lloyd W. Hanson" <lloyd.hanson@n...>
"Lloyd W. Hanson" <lloyd.hanson@n...>
Date:  Sun Feb 4, 2001  7:50 pm
Subject:  Re: Weight Control

Dear Vocalisters:

Isabelle quoted the following:
> <<Carol Vaness said she had to re-learn her
> support when she lost about 70 pounds (i.e., it's
> harder when thin; you can get lazy about it when fat).>>

I would appear that this is not logical but it really can be logical. Many
overweight singers develop a method of breath control in which they push
outward against the layer of fat that surrounds their mid section. This is
similar to the technique of breath control that is taught with a wrap
around girdle similar to the type worn when one has broken his/her ribs.
They often fasten with a velcro type of closure.

But the appoggio technique of breath management does not use a pushing out
procedure. Instead, it encourages a sustaining of the inhale mode as one
begins the sung phrase. (Appoggio has been explained on this list many
times before).

It would be most logical that an overweight singer would develop this
pushing out against the fat technique and have to relearn how to breath
with the appoggio technique when the overweight layer of fat is gone.

Lloyd W. Hanson, DMA
Professor of Voice, Vocal Pedagogy
School of Performing Arts
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ 86011#