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From:  "Lloyd W. Hanson" <lloyd.hanson@n...>
"Lloyd W. Hanson" <lloyd.hanson@n...>
Date:  Tue Dec 5, 2000  6:56 pm
Subject:  Re: [vocalist-temporary] tongue problems

Dear Jennifer and Vocalisters:

The front/middle portion of the tongue MUST rise up to produce the
/i/ vowel (as in heed) and it should, for most people, have its edges
touch the upper back molars. The tongue must also rise up for the
/I/, /e/, /E/, vowels (as in hit, hate, let) and even the /ae/ vowel
( as i the American, that). As one goes from the /i/ vowel through
the above listed series to /ae/ the front/middle portion of the
tongue gradually lowers. The tongue is lowered for the Ah nd Uh
vowels but begins it rise again for the /o/ and /u/ vowels but this
time the tongue is further back in the mouth. Without these tongue
formations, it is not possible produce a clear, identifiable vowel.

When female singers sing G5 and higher, it becomes necessary for them
to progressively open the mouth. This prevents the tongue from
assuming the normal position for the /i/series of vowels and these
vowels tend to drift toward the Ah vowel. This is normal and a
physical necessity.
Lloyd W. Hanson, DMA
Professor of Voice, Pedagogy
School of Performing Arts
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ 86011