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From:  Tako Oda <toda@m...>
Tako Oda <toda@m...>
Date:  Tue Dec 5, 2000  6:40 pm
Subject:  Re: [vocalist-temporary] Re: BAROQUE TENOR

On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Lloyd W. Hanson wrote:
> I have also found that most singers with this vocal tonal variety
> have difficulty changing from the lighter form of head voice into the
> heavier form of head voice and back again in most parts of that
> range.

Ah... I am all too familiar with this problem :-)

> It takes careful training to give them eventual control of
> these two modes within the same vocal range.

Can you suggest any good books on this topic? Most titles seem to cover
the chest:heavy_head transition thoroughly, but it seems the
heavy_head:light_head issue is relatively underrepresented in the
literature... (I am looking forward to reading the Miller article on CTs!)

Most countertenors don't have to deal with this transition, but natural
male altos like Jochen Kowalski do. Too bad this phenomenon is not better
documented, many male altos blow out their voices due to lack of formal
training in this area (Russell Oberlin, Renee Jacobs).

Thanks again.

Tako Oda