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From:  "Jennifer L. Fretwell" <jfretwell@h...>
"Jennifer L. Fretwell" <jfretwell@h...>
Date:  Tue Dec 5, 2000  7:50 am
Subject:  tongue problems

I have been having a tremendous problem in keeping my tongue flat while
singing an "ee" sound (such as in the word "he"). The back of my tongue
really rises up. It only happens on this vowel, though. I have tried
watching myself in a mirror while singing but this only gets me trying to
force my tongue down, creating more tension. I just can't seem to get the
"ee" sound out without raising the back of my tongue! Does anyone else have
this problem? Any suggestions as to how I can get my tongue to stay down?

Jennifer Fretwell, soprano
Pittsburgh, PA

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