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From:  Shanna Hollich <Shadow123@r...>
Date:  Wed May 31, 2000  5:04 pm
Subject:  Help with Russian text

Ok, I have some choral music here...one piece is in
Russian, the other is in Church Slovanic (I believe).
Nevertheless, it looks a little similar to the
Russian. I had a tape with pronunciations on it for
me to study, but left that tape in my dad's car, and
he doesn't come home until late tomorrow night. I
need to know this music pretty well by Sunday for a
rehearsal, and I do know the notes and rhythms; my
last step was to fit the Russian to the music. The
texts are included below if anyone would be so kind as
to help me with pronunciations. Thanks. (Oh, and my
e-mail doesn't let me type letters with symbols over
them (as in: many international characters), so, if
you have any questions in that regard, just e-mail

Veniki, veniki, da veniki-pomeliki, da po pechi
valializia, da s pechi oborvalisia. Kum Gavrila, kum
Gavrila, ya Gavrile govorila.

Bogoroditse Devo:
Bogoroditse Devo, raduysia, Blagodatnaya Mariye,
Ghospod. s Toboyu. Blagoslovenna Ti v zhenah, i
blagosloven Plod chreva Tvoyego, yako Spasa rodila,
yako Spasa rodila yesi dush nashih.

Like I said, if there are any questions, let me know.

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